Unequal bars are one of 4 gymnastics apparatuses. Gymnastics uneven bars are only used and competed in women’s gymnastics. Bars are by far the most challenging event for the bulk of all women gymnasts; bars take a large amount of upper body and core strength. Product Reviews

Unequal bars have a body made out of material or metal that provides immense strength, support and stability for gymnasts of all sizes and skill levels. The actual pubs on a set of bars manufactured out of fiberglass with a wood covering. These types of materials combined give the bars vast flexibility; allowing the bars to go with the gymnasts body and not break. The outdoors wood covering is hard enough that the gymnast won’t slip off constantly, however, not too rough were it is going to tare up their hands. 

Each uneven club is all about one and a half inches wide regarding eight feet long. The peak of both pubs at the top and bottom are adjustable. The width of gymnastics uneven bars is also adjustable. Meaning the top and bottom club can be spread aside from one hundred and thirty to one 100 and eighty centimeters. Every gymnast may have a different bar setting depending on their power, power, jump, and height.

Most gymnasts up to level five will only use and compete on the lower uneven bar. Gymnasts that are levels five or over are required to jump from the reduced bar to the high bar. Once you get to level 8-10 you have to change back and forth between the high and low uneven bars. Every gymnast in the us has the same bar routine until they become a level eight. Once they are a level 7 they will have their very own unique bar routine to compete.

On score bedding at gymnastics competitions or gymnastics meets, the wrinkled bars are abbreviated as UB so you will not likely get it mistaken for the balance beam (BB).

When practicing or contending on the uneven pubs many gymnast wear side handles. Grips are made away of heavy duty leather. Grips cover your hands to help stop you from getting rips or tares you hands. They will are also designed to help you grip the bar better which will lower the chances of pealing (slipping) off.