There are numerous motives why coloured contact lenses are more highly-priced than normal lenses.

first offresearch and development costs are one of the major factors concerned in designing and generating of shadelenses. All contact Lens manufacturers will required to do lot of research and survey on the most famous colors and thendevelop ways to inject the colour (tinting technique) to the lenses so that they are secureappearance exact and herbalon your eye. LensVillage

This Tinting system will boom the lens production costsimilarly this, there are lesser coloured or tinted lenses being offered examine with the ordinary untinted lenses. hence manufacturer will not be capable of experience the identicaleconomies of scale inside the production procedure for shade lenses. 

There are also other factors which could increase the cost of coloration lenses and it is as follows:

Astigmatism – everyday contact lenses for astigmatism are already extra costly than the ordinary kindthe principle thingagain is the fewer version it produces as compare to the everyday ones and also the extra perimeter (Cyl & axis) it desiresto cater for on the way to produce it.

as a result in case you had been to feature in colour to the entire process to an astigmatism lenses…it is going to becertainly even more high priced.

An example will be Freshlook shade blends Toric (CIBA vision), a popular logo of astigmatism-correcting color contact will value approximately $fifty three.forty five to $68.50 per box.

Festive or loopy contact lens –these forms of lenses are also called theatrical contact lens, gown contacts and partycontact lens.

these forms of lenses are famous particularly in the course of for Halloween and gown events.

these lenses have unique sample which are designed for unique event or eventsas a result due to its uniquenessthey’rebought separately in man or woman glass vials and might variety in price from $50 to extra than $a hundred and fiftyconsistent with lens.

custom coloration contacts – these sorts of lenses are custom designed to match man or woman needs best and are very highly-priced. An instance of custom color contacts is prosthetic touch lens which are designed to masks a scarred or in any other case deformed eye. A custom color contacts frequently price several hundred bucks consistent with lens.

In regardless the type of colored contact lenses you required, please take note that you ought to go through a contact lens fitting so your eye care expert can make certain the lenses fit you well and safely.