I think UFC 107 accentuated various bloggers point as of late, the heroes are the by a wide margin the best warriors at their weight. The bosses just need to safeguard their titles not win them, Anderson Silva demonstrates my point, at middleweight he has annihilated everybody bar Thietes Lietes who just needed a ground ju jitsu battle. When he ventures up to light heavyweight he puts on a banger appear and sends shockwaves through the light heavyweight division!  ufc 229 live stream

Champions like GSP and BJ Penn in the past have pursued their challenger to hitter and win, this as I would like to think permits the challenger opportunity to transform safeguard into assault and permits the challenger a superior possibility at beating the hero. 

BJ Penn showed at UFC 107 he is by the best warrior at 155 and needs to stand out forever as the best at 155. What intrigued me more is what number of challengers propose they can put BJ away and have the right stuff to do as such. BJ has battled up welterweight and won battles, he has combat legends, for example, Matt Hughes and GSP for titles, he has likewise already battled current light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida when pushing more than 205 catchweight. Keep in mind BJ Penn has been champion at both welterweight (champion at UFC 46 and stripped when he marked for K-1) and lightweight shielded since UFC 80, he has beaten Joe Stevenson, Sean Sherk, Kenny Florian and most as of late Diego Sanchez at UFC 107.

It additionally goes for GSP, he has safeguarded his title 3 times, each challenger proposes they will beat GSP, again his aptitudes, assurance and champion attitude guarantees he wins the battle before he enters the octagon. GSP has been champion since UFC 83, he has shielded against Jon Fitch at UFC 87, BJ Penn otherwise known as “greasegate” at UFC 94 and Thiago Alves at UFC 100.

In the event that you go up to middleweight, what would you be able to say in regards to Anderson Silva? The Brazilian has beaten each challenger before him for quite a long time, he has gone up to light heavyweight and beaten a previous victor in Forest Griffin and hazardous striker James Irwin. There are numerous calls for Anderson to venture up and battle preparing accomplice and current champ Lyoto Machida yet declines do to being companions. Exceptionally respectable at the end of the day he has what it takes to beat the mythical beast. For me Anderson Silva is the best pound for pound contender in MMA and just has been tested once in his UFC vocation. He hasn’t lost in 3 years which was a DQ. His last real lost return in 2004 when Pride was in its hayday. Anderson has guarded against Nate Marquardt at UFC 73, Rich Franklin at UFC 77, Dan Henderson at UFC 82, Patrick Côté at UFC 90, Thales Leites at UFC 97.

The main inquiry in this contention is if Lyoto Machida and Brock Lesnar are sufficient to be long haul champions at their separate weights. Lyoto has just shielded his title once, which had the entire world inquiry the outcome against individual Brazilan Shogun Rua. The rematch is expected for March 2010. At that point you have previous WWE champ who has been a disclosure in his 4 battles in the UFC, he has beaten legend Randy Couture, Frank Mir at their rematch and Heath Hearing. His defeat possibly when he battles strategic and extremely specialized contenders as his crude power and shear size will alarm 90% of heavyweights. Brock seems, by all accounts, to be getting over the most exceedingly awful of his wounds and has been penciled in to battle in June against number one contender Shane Carwin. For me both can be champion for some battles however question they will for the shear truth the nature of contenders in the two weights.