While the name indicates, there are two givers in the four hand Tantra massage and the experience for the receiver in nothing short of amazing! Having two Goddesses holding your body with hands and lips can be exhilarating, beautiful, and comforting and arousing as well. The four hand Tantric massage therapy is typically offered in the massage studios and perfumed by highly experienced therapists, who know how to warm up your skin and the body, how to stimulate the gets a gut feeling of the receiver, and how to award maximum pleasure. Massage studio

What to expect from a four side Tantric massage session?

The way to perform Tantra massage can differ in one location to another, but all sessions have a few elements in common too – they typically start by setting the landscape, warming up the bedroom, and are opened with respiration exercises and visualization. After that, the full body nature starts and the two Goddesses touch all body areas and could slowly and gradually move from back, hand, and leg massage to the infamous Lingam (or Yoni if the device is a female) massage therapy, depending on receiver’s response, and carry on before the end. The touches are gentle and soft, very unexpected since the givers are two, and the arousal and the good states alternate throughout the session. 

The sensation and the whole experience are mind blowing and different from the ones received during an one-on-one massage therapy. The sessions could go on anywhere from to two hours, but many galleries offer custom packages, that could include other pampering techniques as well. If you visit or reside in a big city, then experiencing four hand tantric massage is simply a must and something that you are unlikely to forget!