Utilized watches are fast becoming a huge part of the watch and charms market place.

Although there has always been used wristwatches available, the amount available these days and the ease of acquiring them has sent sales through the roof. ed marshall jewelers

Used looks after would be best purchased from a local charms store or reputable dealer because they have usually been refurbished and inspected by professional watch makers with deluxe certification. 

Buying from online auction sites is also an option, but does indeed require care and research.

Jewelry stores and traders usually acquire used designer watches from a variety of sources, but the following are the most typical methods of acquisition.

Investment in.

An increasing quantity of earrings stores are now offering to simply accept used watches as part of a trade in offer up against the value of a new watch. In this process a customer chooses a new watch and then offers their old watch as part exchange up against the price of the new watch. This is beneficial to the customer and the retailer because the customer gets to pay less for the new watch and therefore pull back money from their old watch. The retailer benefits because they sell the new watch without having to lose money on a discount and has an used watch to sell.


Estate pieces come from private sales with the jeweler or dealer. Commonly a relative of the client may have passed away plus they sell all the deceased charms and designer watches within a bulk great deal to a buyer on behalf of the jewelry salesman of dealer.

Rule away.

Sometimes if a charms store is going out of business, it may contact associates and offer close out deals on products. Typically a dealer will visit the store owner and make offers on any pieces he might still have in stock prior to closing or maybe after. These watches often find their way on to the used market.

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