Two bulls are perched on a slope sitting above a substantial rich glade loaded up with dairy animals. The more youthful apparently more vivacious bull hangs over to the more established more astute bull and says, “Hello Pop, we should rundown this slope and every one of us can have intercourse with one of those bovines.” To which the more seasoned bull investigates at the more youthful bull and answers, “Reveal to you what Junior, for what reason don’t we stroll down this slope and have intercourse with every one of them.” cormier vs lewis ufc 230

Presently I tidied up the past section a bit from the first form that I heard, however you get its fair.

As I viewed the Randy Couture versus Gabriel Gonzaga UFC Heavyweight title battle at UFC #74, I was helped to remember this well-known adage and the significance that it has to this battle. Without fail, and I do mean unfailingly, Randy Couture has a battle the primary thing that surfaces in the pre-battle investigation of the contenders is Couture’s age as though it was the most critical factor in the battle. Presently as a matter of fact I get somewhat offended when they do this as the spotlight dependably is by all accounts on age as a depreciator as opposed to an advantage. Throughout the years I have seen significantly more faulty exhibitions by the more youthful gathering of contenders than I have the more seasoned ones. Approve, now that I have moved off my soapbox, here is my perspective of this energizing title battle and my expectations for Couture’s next title resistance.


Randy Couture:

As we as a whole know, Couture who happens to be 44 years of age, is a remarkable Greco-Roman wrestler and is always demonstrating to the fans and suspicious battle hosts alike that age isn’t, and ought to never be, considered a risk in any action including focused exercises, for example, blended hand to hand fighting rivalry. For differing points of view on the age factor simply ask previous UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia or World Boxing Champion George Foreman and see what they need to state regarding the matter.

Gabriel Gonzaga:

Gonzaga, who is an exceedingly prepared dark belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, was for the most part known for his catching capacities until the point when he stunned MMA fans wherever in his last battle with his overwhelming knockout of Mirko Cro Cop. Basically, Gonzaga can and fights.

What will pursue is a definite expert investigation of the battle from beginning to end, finishing up with some last contemplations concerning the two contenders. If you don’t mind remember that these are my perspectives from my very own point of view of the occasions that happened. They are in no way, shape or form expected to shed any sort of negative or deriding contemplations, words, and so on both of the contenders included. I have a lot of regard for anybody, and I do mean anybody, who steps onto the tangle. In this way, with further ado how about we begin.


Cycle One:

Gonzaga opened up the battle with a left poke right cross mix that was generally insufficient. Minutes after the fact Gonzaga tossed another left punch that misses while Couture ventures forward with his very own left hand that terrains and unmistakably shakes Gonzaga. Gonzaga is quickly stunned yet returns promptly as he and Couture toss a concise whirlwind of punches at one another. None of which that land with any impact.

Couture at that point endeavors a takedown of Gonzaga yet can’t in spite of the fact that he does quickly go down to the canvas on his knees. Be that as it may, as the two men recover their upright positions, Couture handles a wonderfully tossed left snare to the side of Gonzaga’s head. Couture pursues this up by folding both of his arms over Gonzaga’s midriff from behind and compels him down onto the canvas for a short minute before the two men by and by recapture their standing positions.

When they recovered their feet, Couture constrained Gonzaga up against the confine where Couture exploited his situation to arrive several all around set knee strikes to Gonzaga’s thigh. Gonzaga not to be beaten counters this with his own all around put knee strike to Couture’s midriff. Neither one of the men appeared to demonstrate any evil impacts from these blows.