A curved stair lift is your only option if your stairs have a curve, intermediate landing and have some sort of blockage. If you want to buy one you need to be aware of a number of the issues with price, duration of assembly, operating costs and even more. stairservice.com

Putting in a stair chair lift up can greatly improve quality of life. Even if you’re not technically impaired, walking up and down stairs can be strenuous, frustrating or downright daunting. Mobility and access to all areas of any home can greatly restore a person’s independence and reassurance. 

If you are considering the installation a curled stair lift you ought to know of a few things before you purchase.

The purchase and installation price is expensive. The reason for the high price is because it’s custom-made on site and the materials used are more expensive than for a straight step lift. The track on a straight stair lift up is generally made from aluminum. Aluminum is employed because of its interchangeability and it’s cheap. Tracks used on curved stair take you are usually made using both steel and aluminium. Steel is employed to provide strength and because it is malleable. Installation of a curved model documents for the major percentage of cost and unit installation can take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Buying an used curved stair lift is very to be ignored until you buy one from a good dealer who will install it for you. Make sure the keep track of being provided is new but not re-conditioned track. This kind of is not regarded as being safe and a reconditioned keep track of will not conform to International Safety Standards.

Should certainly you decide at a later date to replace or be free from of your lift and wish to sell it, you may find this difficult. Mainly because it is custom made, the stairlift made for your home isn’t heading to fit someone else’s. Best case scenario you probably will only be able to sell the chair, motor and settings; the track, which makes up the majority of cost, will be useless to another person.

Curved stair take you usually require more offering than any straight step lift. Additional stress is caused by the seat being forced to move along the track around corners. You may find that the continuing maintenance costs will be higher than those for an aligned one.

Not all manufacturers make curved stair lifts. The firms that do are market leaders who make step lifts of excellent quality. You’ll pay money for this quality though. Companies that do make curved stair pulls include Stannah Stair Pulls (the Stannah 260 step lift) and Bruno Step Lifts (Electra-Ride III Custom made Curved Rail Stairlift).

Finally, before buying, discuss extended warranties and after sales service with the retailer. Because mentioned these lifts do require maintenance and you should need to budget costs for this.

Don’t let the above prevent you buying a curved stair lift. The great things about installing one lift up can’t be understated but you should be aware of the issues before you buy one so you can discuss them with your dealer.