Blogging is by a long shot the most prevalent type of web nearness today. An issue numerous new bloggers confront is picking the correct stage to address their issues. There are 2 extremely particular kinds of blogging locales – the one’s you have yourself and pay a facilitating expense for, and the free blogging destinations, for example, Tumblr, LiveJournal and WordPress. مدونة عماد

This article will detail the five most well known free blogging destinations and give knowledge into what is great and terrible about them to ideally engage those with data to help pick a free blogging webpage. 

The Top 5 Best Free Blogging Sites


Google’s free blogging webpage, Blogger is the decision of numerous who are beginning in the blogosphere. Its perfect interface makes it a major hit with the individuals who are centered around composing posts. This component is the thing that makes Blogger extraordinary compared to other blogging locales.

Blogger offers the client a variety of appealing layouts amid the join procedure and gives a simplified apparatus to move components around the sidebar. Gadgets to include devotees and monitor details are helpful and valuable for the individuals who would prefer not to contact code. Settings are clear and simple to discover, and the composition region is substantial and free of diversions. A custom space name might be included at no additional charge.

The significant detriment to Blogger is the absence of direct association with internet based life. Each post must be physically tweeted and added to Facebook, which could be tedious for the individuals who post a considerable measure.


WordPress is accessible as an overseen stage like Blogger or as a self-facilitated choice utilizing a supplier of the client’s decision. For instance, my site utilizes the WordPress stage which is free, however I pay a facilitating organization a month to month charge so I have more opportunity and adaptability with my site’s plan and highlights. The oversaw choice is best for the individuals who are new to blogging, and that is the thing that will be delineated here.

WordPress is a standout amongst other blogging locales on account of its quick, bother free join process. Much like Blogger, another client can be blogging inside merely minutes, with numerous lovely subjects to browse. Where the stages vary is in the measure of tinkering that should be possible on the backend. WordPress confines the altering of topic formats and CSS to the individuals who pay an additional $30 every year. Custom spaces add somewhere in the range of $13 to $18 every year to the expense of the site. A few clients discover relocating to self-facilitated WordPress to be a more affordable choice.

While WordPress isn’t the least expensive of blogging destinations around, it is a decent beginning stage for entrepreneurs or other people who wish to become well known. The stage offers phenomenal SEO and new locales are generally listed inside days because of WordPress’ especially high Page Rank (PR9), or, in other words is one of the best blogging destinations.


Tumblr ascended from a classy upstart to a brand name in barely five years. It currently flaunts more dynamic locales than WordPress and has pulled in any semblance of performers, CEOs and picture takers. It is viewed as outstanding amongst other blogging destinations for craftsmanship and advanced media.

Tumblr offers a zippy join process that just requires an email address and has numerous exquisite free topics. This current stage’s significant fascination is the post designs, which offer simplicity of posting joins, photographs, recordings, visits and statements. Tumblr is locally coordinated with Twitter and Facebook, and it will consequently send refreshes with each new post. Clients can have different online journals.

The main detriment to Tumblr is its dependability. It has endured protracted downtimes and is regularly overcapacity, which can take it off the rundown of best blogging locales for a few people.


Posterous is a cross breed between a conventional blog and Tumblr. Clients can join with an email address and are given a basic blog design that can be effortlessly altered from the backend. It is known as extraordinary compared to other blogging locales because of the capacity to refresh from anyplace. Like Tumblr, it is all around incorporated with online networking.

One noteworthy con of Posterous is the absence of lucidity with respect to the production of new websites and it tends to be hard to erase them later. The stage was as of late gained by Twitter and is experiencing progress.


LiveJournal is the most established blogging stage on the web and has seen an incredible decrease in its client base since WordPress tagged along. It is as yet viewed as one of the best starter blogging locales.

While LiveJournal is still particularly being used and is more network based than different stages, its absence of topics and online networking highlights and general awkwardness make it one of the less-attractive blogging destinations. Its one in number preferred standpoint is the remarking highlight is restricted to network individuals, which lessens spam and trolling. Most new bloggers will presumably need to begin with something more pleasant, similar to Blogger or Tumblr.