“Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner? ”

Which a question couples ask themselves. In the recent, wedding planners were thought of as an luxurious “extra”, meant only for the wealthy. Today a wedding planner has become more of a need. Many couples are so busy with work and other facets of life that they need anyone to help them plan their special occasion. A wedding adviser can ease your stress and also save your valuable state of mind! Using one will let you enjoy the engagement period preceding to the wedding day. brilliant earth’s views on theknot

There are many good use a full service wedding planner, or at a minimum, a day-of coordinator. Here are simply a few of those reasons: 

Day-of coordinator – so you can savor the day… not work it!!!

A day-of coordinator is an invaluable asset to your event. You’ve done all the planning up to this point and wish to enjoy it. With no her, you will conclude working in your wedding!

A Day-Of Coordinator will…

End up being there to direct the rehearsal so the bride and groom really know what to do and when to do it, the bridesmaids and groomsmen know their obligations, the parents know when should you walk down the passageway, and the ushers know who to seat and where.

Confirm with all vendors the week before the wedding to be sure they know where to be and when to be there, also to confirm any outstanding balance. The manager will frequently deliver the last payments to vendors on the wedding day.

Continue to keep a set of all vendor contacts and telephone numbers in case there is emergency (for example… the cake is to be there at 1: 00 and really 1: 30 and no cake… it’s happened).

Make schedules for all to keep the day running effortlessly and on time:

-Bridesmaids: when to be at the hairdresser to get their hair/make-up done

-Groomsmen: when they need to be dressed to allow them to have pre-ceremony pictures used

-Parents: when to be arranged at the back of the church/room

-Vendors: so they know the order of the day

Generate a detailed timeline of events for the day therefore the DJ/band know when to get started on the dances (first dance, Father/Daughter dance, Mother/Son dance, etc. ), when to the actual wedding cake cutting, and more. She’ll let the DJ/band really know what songs you definitely want played – and those you don’t (like the Chicken Dance).

Let the DJ/band know the order to announce the wedding party and how to pronounce all names properly. Nobody wants to be announced at a wedding reception with a mangled pronunciation of their name!

Help pin on boutonnieres and corsages, which is an often missed depth. Minutes before the wedding many people are running around trying to pin them on! The coordinator will ensure that boutonnieres and corsages go on the remaining lapel or wrist (because that is closest to your heart).

Keep a duplicate of the seats chart and assist people who can’t find their tables.