I enjoy the Internet, more and more each day.

For me personally, it’s a place of awe-inspiring possibilities. One website link causes another, it’s like navigating through this huge forest of words and ideas and best of all you can learn anything in a nice little condensed paragraph! Steampunk Jewelry

The like sitting next to the smart kid at school and being able to correctly . anything and get a succinct response without hearing them heave a sigh and mention just how stuuupid I am! 

Thus now, into this electronic digital wonderland of the good, unhealthy and the crazy, I have discovered a new place, a special somewhere which is the ideal médicament to the anodyne divide of the mega-store, to losing simple independent retailers, an area artists and craftspeople to stay a finger up to the “culture” of the boring as well as called Etsy.

We uncovered this site although buying birthday gift for my Aunt. After normal office hours of searching shopping malls and the usual Internet sites for a special surprise where nothing seemed special or appropriate – Eureka! My spouse and i stumbled across a store on Etsy, selling made by hand flying saucers and toy ray-guns, correctly normal products for a sixtieth birthday in my family.

Etsy is a place where all things are hand crafted, unique and sold straight by the artist to you through their personal Etsy shop which means they get to keep a far higher ratio of earnings and you find uniquely handcrafted presents at any time of the day or night time – exquisite for procrastinators and last minute shoppers like myself.

On Etsy, My spouse and i found not only beam guns and UFO’s, but also Vanilla hazelnut main candles (I had no idea such things existed), an autobiographical comic about the trials and tribulations of getting teeny tiny boobs called Boobage, an origami puppies brooch – which is assured to be everlasting, a fried egg organic and natural cat nip toy and a lot importantly the zombie sock monkey (non washable) – undoubtedly the perfect surprise for someone out there…

Now, in which supermarket or uniformly mediocre shopping mall would you find such wonders?
You didn’t, there’s nowhere vast enough to house the large scale of creativity, creativeness, lunacy and genius that Etsy contains within it is pages and it’s all at your fingertips.
Consequently for any art outlets and craft-stores that are feeling the march of the featureless powerhouses (Uber-savings at insidious costs) and for shoppers, sick of the insipid, the mass produced and tired, please direct your peepers to the wonderful place, I was converted – hallelujah, permanently Etsy!