Obtaining the correct keywords in this content of your website or blog is important for top positioning on the Search Engine Results Webpage (SERP). While by using a proper set of keywords or phrases is vital for top positioning, it is not the sole aspect for gaining high Search Engine Results Page positioning. There exists another keyword related factor search engines like google look for before reporting results to any given search term or query. This additional aspect is merely as important as having proper keywords for enhancing your page to the top of search engine placement but often forgotten when writing content for a web site or Blog. serp database

Variety of peaked Content

In the court of law sometimes a single fact is not enough to convict someone of a criminal offense. However when there is a fact in truth it is backed up by other components of related evidence then a preponderance of evidence is established. When this occurs the solo fact becomes far more relevant and valuable for getting a conviction. You can imagine} your keywords in this same fashion. That is: a single key phrase or phrase is not likely to enhance your page to the most notable of the search engine ranks when combined with related words, your keyword or phrase becomes much more powerful and has an improved chance of gaining an improved SERP positioning. 

To describe this, you should realize that search engines use more than just the search conditions when providing results for search queries. Yahoo and other search engines like yahoo have a record of words that are semantically related to locate words, conditions or phrases. They also have a record of the words utilized on your web page. Search engines will first identify all pages in their database that match the search terms. They may then compare the expression consumption record of the seo optimized pages to the semantically related words. Pages involving multiple words and synonyms related to the keyword or expression in the information are building a Preponderance of Relevant Content. When all the other things are equal, web web pages which in turn this the best are put highest in the search results. Right now there are a few other factors but this points out how a webpage with a low Page Rank can beat a web site with a higher Web page Rank in the search results.


Google gives a free tool at http://labs.google.com/sets. This tool will create a couple of words semantically related to your keywords or phrases. To have a set of semantically related words simply type in your keyword and one particular or 2 additional words that relate to that keyword. The set of words in the made list can be used in your content to realise a Preponderance of Relevant Articles for your site or blog.

When creating content for your website or website use synonyms and semantically related words to improve the power of your keywords or phrases. More than a period of time, Google will learn that your content just will not contain exact keywords but also is an expert site providing quality, relevant information to your tourists. This after all is what search engines wish to accomplish and it can be the benefits you may need to overtake your competition in the SEARCH ENGINE POSITION wars.