In case you have a tiny dog, you probably imagine they would like to wear clothes designed just for small or tiny dogs. They probably would benefit from the clothing just as much as you would probably enjoy dressing them up. Just as small canines want to be held or carried around in popular carriers, they would like the comfort that clothing provides. If your dog does take to shower up, finding small dog clothes is not the difficult part. Link

With hundreds of pet supply stores online and mega stores in your neighborhood, it is not hard to locate the one that has small dog clothing as part of their merchandise. That is difficult, however, to find proper sizing for small dogs. The biggest mistake that consumers make is assuming that a tiny will fit their little dog. This is merely not the case at all. The vital thing that you should examine is whether you want to buy locally or on the internet. 

There are really only two advantages to shopping locally compared to shopping online. You will get your product immediately and you will actually see the merchandise before purchasing. These would be strong reasons if you needed your dog’s clothing immediately and you could tell size just by looking at it.

About the other hand, shopping online for small dog clothes has many advantages over shopping at an area store if you follow these guidelines:

1) Examine the sizing charts carefully. This is actually the key to a successful dog clothing purchase. You will find a great variety of sizes from teacup to xxx-large. Comply with measuring instructions precisely because one designer’s xx-small might be the same size as another type of designer’s teacup size.

2) Be careful when purchasing clothes based on breed type. Must be size says it should fit your dog breed does not mean it is going to. Not all Yorkshire Terriers, for example, are the same size. Instead look for clothing that tells you how to measure and make certain to measure accurately. This is the way you will get the best fit.

3) Read the descriptions provided. Most information will give you information on the merchandise and will let you know if the product is machine washable. This is a must for dog clothes.

Your shopping experience will be pleasurable when you follow the above rules. You will see an improved size selection online but pay close attention to sizing when positioning an order. A large number of small dog clothes sizes look similar (x-small and xx-small) and can be confusing. Be sure you select the proper size. An extra00 to shopping online is that you can usually find a store that offers free shipping or other incentives or discounts. Store smart and your very small pooch will enjoy their growing fashion collection.