Chemical cosmetic is so yesterday. Today, women the world over are wearing the new “hot” product – vitamin makeup. Veracamilla make up

People who haven’t changed, however, might be ambiguous on the idea. What’s all the fuss about anyhow? Isn’t putting minerals on your face somewhat strange? 

Mineral cosmetics and cosmetic is hot for grounds. Presently there are many benefits to applying this natural product on the skin, which we’ll summarize here.


First, many women are attracted to the all-natural quality of mineral makeup. The cosmetic is composed of minerals that are extracted from our planet. They are first pulverized into a powered form; also, they are sterilized so they are dependable.

The cosmetic is a blend of zinc o2, titanium dioxide and micronized minerals. You will find no chemicals (which is a recurrent cause of irritation and inflammation in the skin). Mineral cosmetic also the natural way contains iron.

Unlike many liquid cosmetic types, vitamin cosmetic contains no talcum powder, perfumes or dyes.

This kind of natural aspect is one of the key reasons that women are attracted to nutrient makeup. It’s one more way to bring the natural in and leave the chemicals out.


One of the top reasons women give for wearing mineral cosmetics is the look they get from the makeup. Particularly, mineral cosmetic is soft, and offers the skin with a natural glow.

Rarely will women who use drinking cosmetic get great, overdone look to their skin area. Often, it appears they aren’t wearing cosmetic at all. Since the cosmetic is so light and airy, it also feels as though nothing is on the skin.

Anti aging

Women concerned about their skin are also captivated to mineral cosmetic because its natural state ensures that it doesn’t block pores or dry pores and skin out.

Unlike liquid cosmetic, natural cosmetic and makeup is well suited for all skin area types. You don’t have to shop for the “oily” skin makeup, and also the cosmetic that’s best for dry skin. Mineral cosmetic is naturally the best cosmetic for a lot of skin types.


Applying mineral and natural cosmetic is generally easier than applying liquid makeup. Presently there is no distinctive line of demarcation to worry about and applying the cosmetic is as simple as applying the cosmetic to a comb and signing up to the face.

Many women like that they can mix a few colours to get the perfect shade for their skin area. Of course, if really summer, they can also add a slightly more dark cosmetic into the combine and get the right shade, while in winter, they is able to keep it brighter, all and never have to change cosmetic for the times of year.

Long-term benefits

Finally, using natural cosmetic provides long-term benefits to the wearer. Many people believe mineral cosmetic is naturally better for your skin than other varieties of makeup, so it’s believed that your skin layer will have fewer difficulties with dryness, oiliness or other irritations.

Most mineral plastic cosmetic brands also have a natural SPF, so your skin is also provided from both UVB and UVA rays.

Presently there are many benefits to using mineral cosmetic further than looking pretty.