Marine corps (taken from the origins of the term which means to or of the sea) are land-based soldiers under the control of the navy side. Other countries do not use the term ‘marine’ and substitute it to conditions such as náutico infantry. The primary targets of the marines include rendering services aboard warships, assisting the crew of the ship in challenges, boarding enemy ships, performing small coastal raids and serving as a getting force. They are generally known as elite, highly-mobile and most trustworthy water armed force. Cenac Marine

The training of marine forces around the world has recently been heralded as one of the most challenging owing to the more demanding and hard missions marines start on. Every marine is expected to have wide-ranging capabilities, which include field of expertise in amphibious assaults and being adept with the use of infantry, shield, aircraft, and watercraft. 

The marine boot camps in several parts of the earth provide different and various ways in training possible Marine Corps member. The marine boot camp training to be a part of the Royal Marines in UK is the longest in the world as it is 32 long several weeks of hard training at the Commando Training Hub Royal Marines (CTCRM) at Lympstone, Devon.

The ocean boot camp in Republic of chile, which trains future Infanteria de Marina de Republic of chile members, provides training with give attention to tactics and the utilization of state of the art equipment while Chinese language marine boot camps give key trainings such as parachuting and amphibious combat exercises for its soldiers. South Korean marines has a marine boot camp that provides competitive training especially in ground fights, special fighting scenarios, service protection and security services as the Philippine’s marine shoe camp trains its military to be capable in working with urban warfare and in defending important installations.