Facebook . com is so popular that companies can simply no longer consider it a website only appropriate for making friends and game playing. In fact, in September 2010, Facebook surpassed Google in regards to the amount of time users invested in their site. Facebook areas that users spend over 700 billion minutes every month on Facebook! Perelmuter Steven

With 500 million active users, Facebook is the new behemoth on the net. With the popularity across diverse era groups, integrated email program, and new Bing search integration, a Facebook end user may simply no much longer need to visit Yahoo for Web searches or log off to work with an email program. They may be in a position to experience the Web completely all from inside Facebook . com. With more than 50 percent of the active users logging into Facebook every day, according to Fb, Facebook is now so important to your potential customers’ lives that it make sense for you as a business owner to have an incident where your prospects are hanging out on a daily basis. 

Let’s get rid of a few things that contain confused business owners about Facebook. First, an Organization Page is not to be confused with your own profile. They are two separate entities and offer different options and ways to interact with friends and colleagues.

Are Facebook . com Busines Pages also called Fan Pages?

Many of you that contain been using Facebook for a while will remember that Facebook . com used to call Organization Pages – Fan Internet pages. Additionally, it was once that someone “fanned you”. Now they “like you”. Don’t get confused in convinced that a Supporter Page is another type of product than a Business Web page they are one in the same.

All Fb Pages start with the set up of a personal Facebook profile. Gowns right, a personal account! You can’t just hop to Page set up. The email address and name you use for your personal profile must be one tied to a person and not a catchall email like info. Remember, that if you have an staff set up the personal profile portion for your Page, you do not want them to link the new account to an email that you will not have gain access to if they leave the company. If they actually so and leave your employ, you could lose entry to your Facebook Site, all your accumulated fans, and information without recourse.

To get build I typically recommend that one of company owners produce a new email address specifically for Facebook . com set up. Once you have set up the individual Facebook profile, you are ready to begin. But, no longer take time to add information like education other details in this special account unless you plan on utilizing it for your own personal use. You are just establishing up this account to have a platform to launch and access a new Facebook Page. While logged in to your new personal account, visit the Facebook Business Page Website link. It will take you to facebook Business Web page creation tool to actually create your new webpage.

On the right area of the creation site select under the going the “Official Page” and mark “Create a Site for a: ” and then finally select “local business”. Enter your web page name and then tick the box next to the statement that says you are the best company representative and permitted to own the page. This is important to know that the name you select for the title of your Facebook Page will look towards the top of your finished web page.

I would recommend using proper transliteration without use of hyphens or underscores in your selected name. It used to be we acquired to hyphens or the spaces would show as non-HTML characters in the page name and WEB ADDRESS, but Facebook has produced beyond that need now. For example, enter in “My Comapny Name” (note the proper use of spacing and capitalization), not “My-Company-Name”. This name will appear in your new Page URL as well. Once you click create, another page you see will be your brand-new Facebook Page. It is that easy. Later after you’ve had 25 people “Like” your page you will be able to select a vanity WEB ADDRESS, but we’ll speak about that later.

Do my personal updates show on my Business Page?

After you have set up your Facebook Page, you can “lock down” your personal profile that was used to launch your Webpage. To do so, just you alter the level of privacy settings in the personal account to not captivate personal information to others who are certainly not “approved” friends.

When Facebook was first created many company owners including myself, started with a Facebook personal profile for their business. Now that Facebook has created Web pages, you can certainly change the privacy settings on your old personal profile to funnel your business traffic to your new Facebook . com Page keeping your old personal profile now just for along with close friends.