Crimson Martins are the major strain of swallows that nest typically in North America. These beautiful and amazing birds mostly rely upon man-made or artificial housing like wood and aluminum properties mounted on poles or natural and artificial parrot house gourds. aves exoticas barcelona

For anyone who is considering of being a number to species of spectacular birds you are not disappointed. Setting up specific houses or even a tiny colony in an open up space near your house like the back lawn can be a highly rewarding experience. 

Here are some of the several enclosure options that Purple martins prefer to nest in.

Aluminum Houses:

As considerably as housing Purple martins go, choosing the proper size house is essential. Aluminum homes for martins are heavy duty and durable but also provide openings on all four corners. Providing spacious housing similar to this for the birds to perch on not only increases the potential of occupancy by them but also does indeed away with territorial issues.

Wood Houses:

Many Matn hobbyists also prefer to go with wooden properties, mainly because it has two design features that help attract them. The first one is the fact wooden houses can be lowered or brought up vertically without rendering it hint over. Secondly, the having their nests spaces inside are easily accessible, that enables a person to remove any unwanted pests or other types of birds. This also allows the houses to be monitored without troubling or damaging the nests.

PVC Plastic Houses:

To get the first time their hobbyist, going with the plastic houses will be the perfect and cheapest way to get started on off your Bird’s colony. PVC homes built out of hard plastic that is durable and pleasurable to look at. Fortunately they are extremely easy to set up and offer UV protection.


Bird house gourds have always been popular among Purple’s hobbyists. Today, you can certainly grow natural raide in your backyard with proper information. The good thing about creating a gourd is that they do not appeal to other bird species like sparrows or starlings that can cause problems for the Purple martin nest.

Gourds are usually decorated white to reflect warmth and provide a cool environment so they can nest in. Plastic gourds permit the owners to access internal reaches of purple charlie houses by way of a movable vent cover and extra access gates for regular clean-ups and nest checks.

A lot of the Violet Martin houses have Starling or round openings, door plugs, front porches and internal predator guards. By simply carefully reading and understanding the value of getting the right kind of enclosure you can ensure that the Birds will come to nest in your colony every year.