Doctor Edward Zimmerman, MD, owner and Medical Director of Las Vegas Laser and Lipo has built a quality reputation in the Las Vegas community. This individual has a passion for safely and artfully sketching and removing unwanted fat. This individual is renowned for his interest and experience with laser and liposuction. wrinkle removal

Doctor. Zimmerman is known as an educator of patients and peers. He is an Adjunct Associate Tutor of Cosmetic Surgery at Touro University and aTrustee of both American and California Academies of Plastic Surgery. He is an advocate for the health and wellness and success of his patients. He was honored America’s Top Surgeon-2010 and 2012 by the Customer’s Research Council of America; PSP “Top Doc” in 2010 and 2011, and Excellent Customer service by CMUS Talk of the city – 2010-11-12-13-14. He was the best performer Silver State “Best Plastic surgeon 2013”. 

Dr. Zimmerman offers a variety of types of procedures for those who feel a surgical option will best help them achieve the look they desire. A single of his most desired fat reduction procedures is known as “Liposculpting”. This kind of technique really helps to permanently remove stubborn body fat that the body seems determined to hold on to.

All of us asked Doctor Zimmerman to describe precisely what is involved and what can be achieved with the Liposculpting procedure.

Dr. Zimmerman, inform us about the Liposculpting procedure and how it works.

Dr. Zimmerman: Liposculpting is the process of strategically removing and sometimes adding fat to an area(s) to enhance the proportions of the body. Whatever you leave is as important as what you remove!

Who would be the ideal prospect for this procedure?

Dr. Zimmerman: This would be a person in good health. Probably a person in their late teens but much more likely in their early on thirties to somewhere in their sixties. It’s really a state of health rather than a chronologic age. This individual has a disproportional area of fat that they have been genetically coded or inherited from their parents. Fat has a tendency to gather because area no matter what. Once that area gets away of proportion with the contours of other body, liposculpting can help.

You have several different types of instruments and liposculpting techniques. Could you elaborate how these work to achieve a desired result?

Medical professional. Zimmerman: Lipo is certainly much like sculpting. You use different tools to optimize the end result. If you only have one sludge hammer all the nails look alike, right? If you have multiple hammers, then you can pick and choose the best tools to achieve the ideal result for the patient.

We utilize an amount of different tools. The essential tool is a rotary, powered, liposculpting cannula. A cannula is merely a long tube with a series of openings in the tip that has a suction hose applied to it. If you glide a liposculpting cannula backwards and forwards through the fat without the pressure to push the fat into the slots, not a whole whole lot happens. Through the procedure, the “smart” hand rests on top of the skin area and strategically pushes the fat containing tissue towards the cannula as the cannula glides forward and backward under the skin, guided by the “dumb” hand. The liposculpting cannulas I use are pretty small-3-5mm. The small insertion sites for the cannulas are concealed in skin creases, tummy buttons etc. whenever feasible. In the event that somebody is a musician we have them bring their costume in, so we can hide attachment sites where they are going to be protected by their costume.