Many people who go to watch live football usually buy a match day mag or programme. Whether we are going to a at Old Trafford or in the lower reaches up to of non-league football, buying a programme has become something of the ritual. ผลบอลสด

Several fans just cast their programmes to just one side once they get home; others carefully keep them until they may have quite a collection. The last mentioned is a football system collector. The avid enthusiast could keep his programmes in good condition. It is as important to him as his replica clothing and his scarf. Other folks spread the net a lttle bit wider. They start collecting programmes from other night clubs and ones from months past. 

Match day programs are becoming big business. A few collectors swap programmes with other collectors. Others seek to buy them, either online, at programme festivals or even at sale of sporting memorabilia. This kind of emphasises just how popular collecting programmes has become.

What To Acquire

Several football programme collectors accumulate only big game issues. These can be FA Cup or League Glass Finals, or big Winners League/European Cup games and finals from seasons earlier.

Then of course there are the programmes from specific big games of years past. Take, for instance, the 1953 Matthews Final, the 1960 Western european Cup Final or the 1966 World Cup Last. These weren’t just big games, we were holding mega-games, and this reflected in the prices surviving match programs can command.

But it isn’t only the football programs from big games such as major cup titles that are much sought after. Certain games have a certain importance in sports history. A good example of this can be a first game played by Manchester Combined following the Munich air disaster in 1958. This was an FA Glass tie versus Sheffield Thursday at Old Trafford, and a programme from the sport can command a tiny good fortune.

International Matches

There are collectors who major on football programmes for international games. Supporters of Great britain, Scotland, Wales and Upper Ireland may well acquire their programmes when they attend games, swap with other collectors or buy them on the internet, at programme fairs or in speciality shops.

Less expensive air travel has intended that more and even more fans are now following their national sides abroad which means that programmes can be obtained at the games on foreign soil.

Programme lovers do try to seek out programmes for years past, and depending on condition these can be valuable. Programmes from big international games are much competitive.

A programme from the 1966 World Glass Final is a reward for England fans. Intended for Scottish supporters the match day publication from Scotland’s victory in 1967 at Wembley is a real catch, while the system from the first getting together with between the two Irelands in the 70s is vital for Irish lovers.