Why do I need an Accounting Officer?

first of all every close business enterprise is deemed by law to appoint a diagnosed Accountant with the aid of the nearemployer Act of 1985. The Accountant will permit you to meet the Accounting necessities of the CC. Escritorio de contabilidade em manaus

The duties of an Accounting Officer for a near organisation Registration is defined under:

1. The registered accountant will determine whether the annual monetary statements are in agreement with the accounting statistics

2. The registered accountant will document to the participants of the CC concerning the financial statements of the closeagency.

threedecide whether or not the appropriateness of the accounting policies are carried out inside the training of the monetary statements and, if important, to revise the statements.

4. An Accountant can not perform the obligations of an Auditor with a purpose to apply to a organisation..

five. An worker or a member of the CC can be appointed as the Accounting Officer, but this fact ought to be said in theeconomic statements.

N.B. in case you do now not have an accounting officer, our on-line CC registration provider may be able to help in appointing an accounting officer. this will accelerate the registration processkeep in mind that you could your Accounting Officer at any time exchange.

tipsit is essential to word that if the accountant of your CC resigns, then the CC ought to employ a new Accountant withintwenty eight days. If the placement is left vacant for a period of six months or longer then the participants of the CC will become jointly accountable for all money owed of the CC.


The Accounting Officer of the CC performs a important and necessary a part of the CC. The monetary statements and reporting need to be completed on time and in a reasonable manner. The records represented by way of the economicstatements may be analyzed and used in destiny planning and budgeting.

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