Just a little History

Walter Dillingham purchased 50 acres of unwanted swampland in 1912 from Bishop Estates for $25, 000. Actually Waikiki was mostly swampland as well into the 1800? h. https://9worldshop.com/

Plans were announced in 1948 for the shopping complex. The Ground circumventing ceremony took place in 1955 and construction commenced in 1957. 

When it first opened in late 1950s, it was your major mall in the complete Usa States with 89 stores and 4, 000 car parking spaces. The Mall of America built in Bloomington, Minnesota became the next mall to be the most significant in America. Today Ala Moana is one of the 15 most significant department stores in the U. T.

In 1966 the shopping center doubled in size and added J. C. Penney and Liberty House.

In 1987 a food the courtroom with 19 restaurants and 900 seats was added.

The current owners of Ala Moana (General Expansion Properties) make use of it as a template, and have put in a billion dollars to remodel other centers across Canada and the usa.

The Ho’okipa Terrace was opened up in 2005. They have eight incredible restaurants all-in-one place including Bubba Gump Prawn Co., California Pizza Home, Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks, Mai Tai Club, Pearl, Romano’s Macaroni Barbeque grill, Ruby Tuesday, Tanaka of Tokyo, and Tsukiji Seafood Market and Restaurant.

Ala Moana Shopping Center Today

The mall is very near Waikiki, so it is convenient for visitors. A shuttle runs every ten minutes from Hawaii seven days per week. That also has plenty of parking for many who are driving, in fact it is within walking distance of the Ala Moana Beach Recreation area.

For the locals, the mall includes a food market, post office and a night time club (Pearl Ultralounge). Pertaining to all, it provides a huge international food courtroom. You can also find fine dining facilities.

Interesting facts about Ala Moana Shopping Center:

“Ala” means street, and “Moana” means ocean in Hawaiian. The Developers chose the name “Ala Moana” because it explained the location of the center.

Hawaii became the 50th state ten days after Ala Moana Center opened Hawaii in August 1959.

Eleven of the original mall stores from 1959 remain at the mall today, although they might not exactly be in the same location.

Slipper Property
Crack Seed Center
Territorial Personal savings
U. S. Post Business office
Dairy Full
Unique to Ala Moana

The shopping mall features open-air corridors, which are lined with side trees and tropical crops including real banana forest.

There is a meeting place stage for performances which feature local entertainment including dancing, singing, and many more. The Royal Hawaiian Band (accompanied by hula dancers) frequently plays at The main stage, which is one of the very most popular amphitheatres in Hawaii.

They often have fashion shows on the center stage as it is open air, they can have fireworks for special celebrations.

Over the coronary heart of some walkways are koi (fish) ponds with lilies where you can sit on the stones and relax. There are also amazing waterfalls to enjoy.

The mall has high-end shops including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Armani, as well as malls like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus.