It can one of the most frustrating things a modern homeowner can encounter: a broken A/C. Individuals who stay in sexier climates know that living without that cool inside atmosphere can be intolerable at peak times of the year. But most air conditioner repair places aren’t going to drop everything and rush to your aid. Even if they do, you might have to hold back for parts to come in. What do you do in the meantime? Well, you can always rent a hotel room, but that is prohibitively expensive for many families. Here are some ways to stay cool while you await your A/C to get fixed. Curso De Conserto De Placas De Ar Condicionado

Keep the Sunlight Away

Not everyone wants their house to feel like a cave, but it might be well worth it to shut the blinds and close the curtains while waiting for your air conditioning repair work to be completed. That hot afternoon sunlight comes blazing in the windows and can make a difference of several degrees compared to when you block it away. Turn on some lighting or learn to like the darkness, at least until you have your HVAC system fixed. 

Work with Your Fans

Ceiling followers can help a great deal when considering to getting the temperature down. Portable enthusiasts have their place as well, of course, nevertheless they can’t match the room cooling power of a good ceiling fan. Turn them up to their max setting and you will probably find that you don’t miss your A/C as much as you thought.

Stay Out of the Home

Unless you’re just in there to take in the cool air coming away of the freezer, the kitchen is a negative place for someone waiting for ac repair. The range and the oven are a pair of the biggest heat-generating appliances within your house. How many times have you walked over to the thermostat in the center of setting up dinner because sweat was beginning to form on your brow? That’s the oven at work, most likely. Except now, you won’t be able to get any satisfaction from the thermostat.

Have a Shower room

You may well not have much use for a cool shower in the normal course of your daily life, but this is the perfect a chance to enjoy one. Better yet, avoid dry off completely after getting out. Just put on some light clothing (or not) and stay underneath the ceiling lover. The cool water evaporating slowly on your skin layer will make it seem to be that your air conditioning repair has finally arrived.